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Attendee FAQ


Will there be books for sale at Book Bash and what method of payment will be accepted?

Yes! Books-a-Million will be selling the books by the traditionally published authors and most of the independently published authors will be selling their own books at their table.

Books-a-Million will be accepting credit card & debit cards & cash, and many of the indie authors will be, too, however, with this many authors, we do not have exact details about individual payment methods.

Is there shuttle service available from the airport to the hotel?

Yes. There are several that operate from ground level 1 of Orlando international Airport.

"Mears" has several booths located on level 1 where tickets can be purchased for a shared ride shuttle (no reservations necessary). Shuttles depart throughout the day and evening every 30 minutes. Tickets can also be purchased at

Mears Taxi service - To make a reservation for the taxi service, please call 407-422-4222

Exclusive service: Enjoy the conveneice of being met at the airport by a Mears represnetatve and trasnfgereed via your own vehicle directly at the Doubletree at the entrace to Universal (the official Book Bash hotel). 

Lincoln Town car holds two to three passengers
Luxury SUV: holds 3-5 passengers
Luxury Van: holds up to 7 passengers (great for groups)

To make a reservation for exclusive service call 407-423-5566

As an alternative: Another service that has been highly recommended but does not work directly out of the airport (at least not to our knowledge) is "Starway Transportation" (their number is 407-595-2291).

Towncar (up to 5 passengers)
Luxury SUV (up to 7 passengers)
Luxury Van: up to 11 passengers

Keep in mind that the hotel charges for parking as do all local hotels near the Entrance to Universal Studios. Our hotel offers free shuttle service to Universal Studios and City Walk.

I purchased a ticket to Book Bash but can not attend. How do I get a refund?

Refunds will be issued up to May 31st through Eventbrite (

After May 31st, no refunds in whole or in part will be issued.


Officially, the event is the book signing, to be held on Saturday June 28th from noon to 4. BUT, here's what else we've got going on:

Friday 8PM - 9:30PM  (June 27th, 2014)
Maryse will be having a Maryse's Book Blog "pre-registration party" at the Doubletree, where we will scan in as many attendee tickets and prepare as many attendees as we possibly can in the time allotted. This may help alleviate lines the following day, so that the pre-registered attendees can enter swiftly, keeping the Saturday signing line moving forward in a timely manner.

* A few special guests are expected to stop by.
* There will be a bartender present.
* There will be a few give-a-ways.
* Held in the Book Bash event room (get a sneak peak)

* Limited to a few hundred people. No wait list, first come, first serve.

NOTE: All attendees can fit in the convention room at the same time for the entire day as it is a 20,000 square foot room, but we still need to file attendees in lines as we enter calmly into the signing event.

Saturday morning (June 28th at 8 or 9am): Books-a-Million will be having a "Book Fair" with four registers in a walled-off area, in the main signing convention room. Readers can purchase books before the event, while they wait for the signing to start. Books-a-Million will remain set up during the entire signing. 

This way, all books entering the event will have been pre-purchased (either on the spot at our mini Books-a-Million store before walking into the signing area, or books readers have brought in, themselves). 

NOTE: Indie authors will also be selling (and signing) their own books on their table during the signing.

Saturday June 28th (Noon to 4) : The MAIN SIGNING event!! smile

Saturday June 28th after 4pm: signing *may* run long. Many authors state that they will stay until all the books are signed, therefore we haven't determined an exact start time for after-event get togethers or other possible events/panels, such as:

Saturday June 28th (after the signing): POSSIBLY a Q&A after the signing with a few authors on a stage. Depending on how long the signing goes to... will confirm that day, if we can do the Q&A.

Saturday June 28th (evening): We have a few authors that are currently planning scheduled "meet and greets" after the signing. This information will be added to this "Schedule of Events" page (currently, we are awaiting confirmation for some of the after-parties).

NOTE: If any authors have any after signing "events" you'd like us to announce, let us know and we'll add your event to this Schedule of Events.

Confirmed Author-hosted After Signing Events:

ANGSTFEST: Hosted by author K.A. Linde
(Saturday June 28th 2014, 7pm to 11pm)

What books will authors be selling directly at their tables?

Laura Kaye:
Hearts in Darkness, Her Forbidden Hero, and One Night with a Hero

R.K. Lilley:
In Flight, Mile High, Grounded, Bad Things, and Breathing Fire

Charles Sheehan Miles:
Just Remember to Breathe, A Song for Julia and The Last Hour

Jillian Dodd:
That Boy, That Wedding, Stalk Me, Kiss Me, Date Me

Dina Silver:
Kat Fight, One Pink Line & Finding Bliss

Jenn Foor:
The whole Mitchell Series. The Bankshot Series 1&2. Diary of a Male Maid. Hope's Chance.

Andrea Randall:
Ten Days of Perfect, Reckless Abandon, In the Stillness

Kristen Ashley:
Rock Chick, Rock Chick Rescue, Rock Chick Redemption, Rock Chick Renegade, Rock Chick Revenge, Rock Chick Reckoning, Rock Chick Regret, Knight, Creed, Raid

A.L. Jackson:
Lost to You, Take This Regret, Pulled and When We Collide

Debra Anastasia:

Karina Halle:
Darkhouse, Into the Hollow, And With Madness Comes the Light, Come Alive, The Devil's Metal, maybe a few Lying Seasons and (might bring Sins & Needles and On Every Street to giveaway)

J.A. Redmerski:
The Edge of Never

Gail McHugh:

Jamie McGuire:
The Providence series (Providence, Requiem and Eden)

Aleatha Romig:
Consequences, Truth

Kendall Grey:
Inhale, Exhale, Just Breathe, Strings.

S.L. Scott:
A Prior Engagement, Good Vibrations, and Naturally, Charlie.

Maggi Myers:
The Final Piece

CJ Roberts:
40 Captive in the Dark, 40 Seduced in the Dark, 100 Epilogue: The Dark Duet

Angie Stanton:
Rock and a Hard Place, Snapshot, Dream Chaser, Snowed Over, Love 'em or Leave 'em

Madeline Sheehan:
Undeniable and possibly Unbeautifully

J. Sterling:
The Perfect Game and the newly released The Game Changer

Nichole Chase:
Suddenly Royal, Mortal Obligation, and Flukes

Teresa Mummert:
Suicide Note, Safe Word

Michelle Valentine:
Rock the Heart, Rock the Band, Rock My Bed, Demon at My Door

Carey Heywood:
A Bridge of Her Own, Uninvolved, and Stages of Grace

K.A. Linde:
Avoiding Commitment, Avoiding Responsibility, Avoiding Intimacy, and Following Me

Chelsea M. Cameron:
Nocturnal, Nightmare, Neither, Whisper, Deeper We Fall and Faster We Burn + galleys to give away of My Favorite Mistake, but those will be limited and first come, first serve.

Katie Ashley:
The Proposal, Music of the Heart, and Don't Hate the Player and maybe Nets and Lies

more to follow...

What books will Books-a-Million be selling at the event?

Toni Aleo
- Blue Lines
- Empty Net
- Taking Shots

Jennifer L. Armentrout
Be With Me
- Wait For You
- Trust in Me

Kristen Ashley
- Fire Inside
- Sweet Dreams
- The Gamble

Maya Banks
- After the Storm
- Be With Me
- The Darkest Hour
- When Day Breaks
- Fever
- Burn
- Giving In
- Letting Go
- Rush

Shayla Black
- Bound and Determined
- Decadent
- Delicious
- Ours to Love
- Strip Search
- Theirs to Cherish
- Wicked Ties

Chelsea M Cameron
- My Sweetest Escape

Renee Carlino
- Sweet Thing

Cora Carmack
- Losing It
- Faking It
- All Lined Up

Emma Chase
- Tangled Emma
- Twisted

Nichole Chase
- Recklessly Royal
- Suddenly Royal

Alice Clayton
- The Redhead Plays Her Hand
- The Redhead Revealed
- The Unidentified Redhead
- Wallbanger
- Rusty Nailed

Jay Crownover
- Jet
- Nash
- Rome
- Rule

J.M. Darhower
- Sempre

Sylvia Day
- Reflected in You
- Bared to You
- Entwined with You
- Afterburn/Aftershock
- Eve of Chaos
- Eve of Destruction
- Eve of Darkness
- Spellbound

Abbi Glines
Fallen Too Far
- Forever Too Far
- Never Too Far
- Rush Too Far
- Simple Perfection
- Take A Chance

Colleen Hoover
- Slammed
- Point of Retreat
- This Girl
- Hopeless
- Losing Hope
- Maybe Someday

Helena Hunting
- Clipped Wings
- Inked Armor

Laura Kaye
- Hard as it Gets
- Hard as You Can
- East of Ecstasy

Kim Karr
- Connected
- Mended
- Torn

J. Kenner
- Claim Me
- Complete Me
- Heated
- Wanted

Tiffany King
- Misunderstandings

Christina Lauren
- Beautiful Bastard
- Beautiful Beginning
- Beautiful Bitch
- Beautiful Bombshell
- Beautiful Stranger
- Dirty Rowdy Thing
- Sweet Filthy Boy
- Beautiful Player

Jamie McGuire
- Walking Disaster
- Beautiful Disaster
- A Beautiful Wedding
- Beautiful Oblivion HB

Katja Millay
- The Sea of Tranquility

Monica Murphy
- Torn
- Four Years Later
- Three Broken Promises

Tina Reber
- Love Unrehearsed
- Love Unscripted

Elizabeth Reyes
- Desert Heat

Kylie Scott
- Lick

Alessandra Torre
- Blindfolded Innocence
- Masked Innocence

Tammara Webber
- Easy
- Breakable

K.A. Tucker
- Five Ways to Fall
- Four Seconds to Lose
- One Tiny Lie
- Ten Tiny Breaths

Joanna Wylde
- Devil's Game
- Reaper's Legacy

Will tickets be available at the door?

At this time, no.

Book Bash is SOLD OUT and tickets (as they become available) are released first come first serve on the waiting list.

We want to make sure that authors have time to meet all of their fans and we want to make sure fans have time to meet all of the authors.

Will the authors only sign books or will they sign other items?

With so many authors, it is unrealistic to think that anyone could buy (and carry) that many books. While swag will be available and other items can be signed (example: e-books covers), with an event of this size, the priority in some of the larger lines will be given to those having a book signed.

As always, be mindful of the line behind you and the author's time.

Will there be an Autograph Book for sale?

At this time we do not plan to create an official Book Bash Autograph Book.

Is there a shuttle from the hotel to the airport or from the hotel to the theme parks?

We are speaking with two shuttle companies that can handle shuttle service to and from the airport and to and from either Disney or Universal Studios. Right now we are trying to lock down discounted rates for Book Bash attendees.

Both companies offer "shared"
airport shuttle vans, private chauffeured towncar service (suprisingly cheap if you are in a small group), private SUV and private "luxury" van.

The host hotel offers free shuttle service to Universal Studios only.

Is the special hotel rate for a certain time frame? How do we book our room?

Here is the hotel info (and code):

If you are staying at the event hotel, You'll be booking at the Doubletree by Hilton and the room code for the event is BOO. The rate is starting at $99.00 + tax per night (Universal view is $119.00) for either 2 queen beds or a single king bed. Rates are valid 3 days before the event and 3 days after (while room availability lasts).

Our reservations # is 1-800-327-2110

Here is the online BOOK BASH hotel registration page if you prefer the online process: 

How long will the signing be?

The signing will be from noon to 4pm on Saturday, June 29th 2013. Once you enter the convention room, locate your favorite authors and join their line!

Will food or drinks be available at the event?

There are various restaurants, lounges and a Starbucks in the lobby of the event Hotel.

Can I have my photo taken with the author?

Sure! But again, this will be up to each author and we request that each attendee be mindful of the author's time (and waiting line behind you).

How many books can I have signed?

This will be up to the author. We request that each attendee be mindful of the author's time (and the waiting line behind you).

Will there be books available for sale at the event, or do I have to bring my own?

There will be books for sale in the signing room. Books-A-Million will be selling the traditionally published books at the event, and most of the indie authors will have their own books for sale at their table. And of course, you can bring your own books to be signed. 

Will there be scheduled events after the signing or over the weekend?

In the coming weeks we will announce if attending authors will be "hosting" after hours parties, events or mini get-togethers. Please keep in mind, many of the authors are using this event as their family vacation and may not be able to participate in after signing activities.

That being said, several authors will be announcing possible activities in the coming months, as will we. 

One thing for sure, an event of this size (with Universal Studios and City Walk across the street from our event) and with fellow fans, bloggers and authors under the same roof, we can certainly find plenty to do. If you have any suggestions for something you would like to do, let us know. 

Do you think I’ll be able to meet all of my favorite authors in just 1 day?

How many of the authors you'll be able to have sign your books that day, will depend on the crowds, but many authors have already said that they will hang around until all books are signed. With that many popular authors available we are hoping the crowds/lines will be will dispersed throughout the convention room. The room is HUGE, there will be tons of authors, we expect every fan to be able to have their books signed.

Is there a fee for parking?

Yes, if you are parking at the hotel, there is a fee of $10.00 for parking in their gated parking lot.

This fee is charged by the hotel and is in no way related to our event.

I purchased my ticket on Eventbrite, should I bring it?

YES! Printing out and bringing your e-ticket will move you through into the signing room faster (and keep lines moving). Your ticket will be scanned in as you enter the event.

Will there be a fee to attend?

Yes, there will be a small fee to enter the event. Tickets are sold through Eventbrite

How do I sign up?

Tickets are only $10.00 and include the entry to the ANGSTfest after party. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite.

If you are staying at the event hotel, You'll be booking at the Doubletree by Hilton and the room code for the event is BK2. The rate is starting at $79.00 + tax per night for either 2 queen beds or a single king bed. These rates are valid from June 25th to July 2nd, 2013. 

Our reservations # is 1-800-327-2110

Here is the online BOOK BASH hotel registration page if you prefer the online process: Hotel Registration

Join the Book Bash mailing list, follow us on facebook or twitter to be notified of updates!

* This event is open to the public.
** You do not have to stay at the hotel to attend.

I am an editor/agent/cover designer/industry professional. Can I get a table at this event?

While Book Bash is primarily an event for authors and fans, all industry professionals are recognized and a limited number of tables may be made available for others who would like to attend.

Can bloggers purchase tables for this event?

A limited number of tables may be made available to bloggers, however bloggers are required to follow the same rules as authors. They must remain available at their own table for the entire signing. While Book Bash is primarily an event for authors and fans, we certainly recognize the importance of popular bloggers in today's book industry.

Can I bring my own pre-purchased books to the signing?

Yes you can!