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Author FAQ


Do I NEED Wifi? I have a Square I intend to use to take credit card payments & it works on cell…

Question: I have a Square I intend to use to take credit card payments and it works off of regular cell phone service. But sometimes convention halls are dead zones. I think I probably need to order it if the convention hall can't use regular cell phone WiFi...

Answer: We have attended trade shows in this very room, and have never had a problem with cell reception (Verizon). We will be having a pre-registration event IN that room on Friday night (8pm to 10pm), so if anyone wants to stroll in and check out the cell reception service before the big day, you are more than welcome to.

Will Wifi be available in the convention room the day of the event?

WiFi can be made available in the convention room (and will billed to the author by the hotel directly at $30 per author). The hotel convention manager asked me to give you this info for those who need Wifi: 

She says:

"They can order it ahead of time or the day of and pay the hotel directly.

Please give them my email address and I will have them fill out the paperwork and will send them the code before they arrive.

Thank you,
Jill Jackson Convention Services Manager

Is there shuttle service available from the airport to the hotel?

Yes. There are several that operate from ground level 1 of Orlando international Airport.

"Mears" has several booths located on level 1 where tickets can be purchased for a shared ride shuttle (no reservations necessary). Shuttles depart throughout the day and evening every 30 minutes. Tickets can also be purchased at

Mears Taxi service - To make a reservation for the taxi service, please call 407-422-4222

Exclusive service: Enjoy the conveneice of being met at the airport by a Mears represnetatve and trasnfgereed via your own vehicle directly at the Doubletree at the entrace to Universal (the official Book Bash hotel). 

Lincoln Town car holds two to three passengers
Luxury SUV: holds 3-5 passengers
Luxury Van: holds up to 7 passengers (great for groups)

To make a reservation for exclusive service call 407-423-5566

As an alternative: Another service that has been highly recommended but does not work directly out of the airport (at least not to our knowledge) is "Starway Transportation" (their number is 407-595-2291).

Towncar (up to 5 passengers)
Luxury SUV (up to 7 passengers)
Luxury Van: up to 11 passengers

Keep in mind that the hotel charges for parking as do all local hotels near the Entrance to Universal Studios. Our hotel offers free shuttle service to Universal Studios and City Walk.

I am a scheduled author and I cannot attend. Will I receive a refund for my table?

Refunds will be issued up to May 31st 2014. After that date no refunds in whole or in part will be issued for the cost of tables.

Up to May 31st - A full refund will be issued for the cost of the table space..

I’d like to know more about the Author Reception on Friday:

About the author reception on Friday, June 27th 2014 (we're thinking 6pm to 8pm):

It's just going to be an informal "mingler" for authors to "meet and greet" before the big day. Maybe even a jumping-off point where some of you can meet up, before heading out to some of the theme parks.

There will be some Hors D ‘Oeuvres to snack on (paid for by Book Bash and/or one of our sponsors - they'll also be giving out an "goodie bag" for authors at the reception), and there will also be a cash bar on site with mixed drinks for sale.

If you'd like to bring your assistant or a guest, that would be fine. Hang out, or just drop by to say hi, have a drink, grab a bite to eat and enjoy Florida!

I need a banner stand/easel/ other stuff for my booth:

Here is a company that we found online, in Orlando that might have what you need. provide various booth/exhibitor table items for rent. Click on the "exhibitor services" link or call them at: 800-995-4245

Will there be electricity available at my table?

Tables will be set up without electricity, however if you'd like electricity hooked up at your table, please let us know ASAP (by email: so that the hotel can set this up for you. The hotel's electric company will charge you directly (and it's roughly $54 per author that needs it). We need to know by Thursday June 19th as it needs to be factored into the table layout.

Please describe our table space/booth.

Tables will be pre-covered. We will be using 6' tables. The table layout is complete (although the actual author seating arrangement is still in the works). We are awaiting details from our event manager in regards to actual booth "size" (space allotted to each author). What we do know is that with the tables in place, there will be enough space for backdrops and easels, with room on the sides for picture taking. There will be TWO chairs behind each table. The convention room is carpeted.

Can we attach our signs to the wall (and if so, with what?)

A banner stand is recommended as not all authors will be placed up against a wall. In fact due to the large size of the room, many authors will likely not be placed up against a wall.

Can I request to be near my author friends?

We will do our best to accommodate seating requests. Please email us at to submit your request.

I have another question…

This FAQ is a work in progress up until the week of the event. 

If you have any other questions or concerns that have not yet been addressed, please email us at so we can further assist you and/or add the information to this FAQ for everyone's benefit.

Will there be any more tickets available for sale?

Tickets went fast and are currently sold out. We will put up a waiting list in case of cancellations.

Will helpers be available if we’re not bringing one?

While we will have volunteers helping us (and you) please let us know if you will not be bringing an assistant so we may have a better idea in regards to number of volunteers needed.

Can we have tickets or passes for family and friends and table helpers?

Table assistants and family do not need tickets. They're with you! smile They'll get some sort of lanyard or special colored wrist bands.

NOTE: Please email us their information to so we can add them to our guest list to avoid any confusion.

Can we have volunteer helpers at our table?

Of course, volunteers are great and welcome! All authors are totally entitled to bring their own volunteers/assistants. Each table space comes with two chairs (one for you, and one for you assistant).

NOTE: If you haven't already done so, please email us at with your assistant's name so we can add them to the list.

Which airport should I fly into?

If you are flying into Orlando International Airport, it is only 12 miles from the hotel. Here is the Airport code: MCO

Schedule Of Events:

Officially---> the event is the book signing, to be held on Saturday June 28th 2014, from noon to 4. 

BUT: Here's what else we've got going on:

Friday June 27th 2014 - 6pm to 8pm: We will be having an author only reception (buffet style) for all of you to unwind. We're doing it in the hotel (in the "Cape Canaveral" room at the Doubletree) so you are close to your rooms to come and go and not have to go too far, when you need a break. NOTE: This is where we will be handing out your "author envelopes" which will contain your lanyards & assistant badges, table layout, schedule etc...

Friday June 27th 2014 - 8pm to 10pm: I will also be having a "Maryse's Book Blog" pre-registration party in the MAIN BIG convention room. We will scan in as many tickets and wristband as many attendees as we can to help alleviate the amount of ticketing we have to do on Saturday morning (by the way, everyone can fit in the convention room at the same time during the signing, as it is a 20,000 square foot room). P.S. Authors are welcome to pop in at anytime to hang with us, or just say hello. Prepare for extreme excitement when they see you. 

Saturday June 28th 2014 - 8am to 10:30am - Author Set-up Time

Saturday June 28th 2014 - 10:30am to 11:30am - Volunteers will have their time with authors for signing and pictures

Saturday June 28th 2014 - 11:30 am to 11:55am - Author Group Photo with photographer

Saturday June 28th 2014 - 8am to 4pm: Books-a-Million will be having a book fair with 4 registers IN the convention room (but sectioned off from the authors - so authors can set up privately) and readers can purchase books before the event while they wait. BAM will be set up all day for readers to continue purchasing, too, but we'll start the book sale early). All books entering the event will have been pre-purchased (either on the spot at our mini BAM store before walking into the signing area, or books readers have brought in, themselves).

Saturday June 28th - Noon to 4pm - you guys will be swamped.  Happy signing! (may run long)

Saturday June 28th after 4pm (to 5pm) - signing likely to run long, but event manager requires room to be clear of people by 5pm so they can remove tables and setup for Angstfest afterparty.

Saturday June 28th 7pm to 11pm -  remaining Angstfest ticket holders can enter the party and join the group.

Sunday June 29th 2014: It's all yours! smile

I will be supplying my own books at the signing. Can you give me an idea of how many books to bring?

Unfortunately, this can be different for everyone, and we don't yet have an exact suggestion. However other authors that have signed at events like this might be able to provide a better idea. Some didn't bring enough, and apparently some have brought too many and had to ship their books back. Note: We have 1200 tickets sold.

However, authors have suggested:

"I asked people before hand if they were going to buy books from me there and I ordered based on the responses I got (and then added)...."

You can view the ongoing discussion in our Book Bash Private Author Group:

What if my books aren’t sold through BAM? Will readers be able to purchase my books at my table?

Yes. All books not sold by Books-a-Million (sold by the self-pubs directly) can be sold right at your own table.

I’m self-pubbed but the BAM website carries my books. Can they supply them at the event, too?

Our understanding is that the .com warehouse stocks a larger selection than the retail store warehouses. The BAM regional manager that we are working with has submitted title listings to the buyers to see what non-traditionally published titles are available to them. If your book is not on the official BAM Book list for Book Bash, then it was not available to our regional BAM store, and you will need to bring your own books for sale.

What books will Books-a-Million be selling at the event?

BAM BOOK LIST: To date, here are the confirmed books that Books-a-Million will be selling at Book Bash. If you expected BAM to supply your book(s) and they are not on this list, please let us know so we can verify further.

Toni Aleo
- Blue Lines
- Empty Net
- Taking Shots

Jennifer L. Armentrout
- Be With Me
- Wait For You
- Trust in Me

Kristen Ashley- Fire Inside
- Sweet Dreams
- The Gamble

Maya Banks- After the Storm
- Be With Me
- The Darkest Hour
- When Day Breaks
- Fever
- Burn
- Giving In
- Letting Go
- Rush

Shayla Black- Bound and Determined
- Decadent
- Delicious
- Ours to Love
- Strip Search
- Theirs to Cherish
- Wicked Ties

Chelsea M Cameron
- My Sweetest Escape

Renee Carlino
- Sweet Thing

Cora Carmack- Losing It
- Faking It
- All Lined Up

Emma Chase
- Tangled Emma
- Twisted

Nichole Chase
- Recklessly Royal
- Suddenly Royal

Alice Clayton
- The Redhead Plays Her Hand
- The Redhead Revealed
- The Unidentified Redhead
- Wallbanger
- Rusty Nailed

Jay Crownover
- Jet
- Nash
- Rome
- Rule

J.M. Darhower
- Sempre

Sylvia Day- Reflected in You
- Bared to You
- Entwined with You
- Afterburn/Aftershock
- Eve of Chaos
- Eve of Destruction
- Eve of Darkness
- Spellbound

Abbi Glines
Fallen Too Far
- Forever Too Far
- Never Too Far
- Rush Too Far
- Simple Perfection
- Take A Chance

Colleen Hoover- Slammed
- Point of Retreat
- This Girl
- Hopeless
- Losing Hope
- Maybe Someday

Helena Hunting
- Clipped Wings
- Inked Armor

Laura Kaye- Hard as it Gets
- Hard as You Can
- East of Ecstasy

Kim Karr
- Connected
- Mended
- Torn

J. Kenner
- Claim Me
- Complete Me
- Heated
- Wanted

Tiffany King
- Misunderstandings

Christina Lauren
- Beautiful Bastard
- Beautiful Beginning
- Beautiful Bitch
- Beautiful Bombshell
- Beautiful Stranger
- Dirty Rowdy Thing
- Sweet Filthy Boy
- Beautiful Player

Jamie McGuire- Walking Disaster
- Beautiful Disaster
- A Beautiful Wedding
- Beautiful Oblivion HB

Katja Millay- The Sea of Tranquility

Monica Murphy
- Torn
- Four Years Later
- Three Broken Promises

Tina Reber- Love Unrehearsed
- Love Unscripted

Elizabeth Reyes
- Desert Heat

Kylie Scott
- Lick

Alessandra Torre
- Blindfolded Innocence
- Masked Innocence

Tammara Webber- Easy
- Breakable

K.A. Tucker
- Five Ways to Fall
- Four Seconds to Lose
- One Tiny Lie
- Ten Tiny Breaths

Joanna Wylde
- Devil's Game
- Reaper's Legacy

Is there a shuttle from the hotel to the airport or from the hotel to the theme parks?

We are speaking with two shuttle companies that can handle shuttle service to and from the airport and to and from either Disney or Universal Studios. Right now we are trying to lock down discounted rates for Book Bash attendees.

Both companies offer "shared"
airport shuttle vans, private chauffeured towncar service (suprisingly cheap if you are in a small group), private SUV and private "luxury" van.

The host hotel offers free shuttle service to Universal Studios only.

Is the special hotel rate for a certain time frame? How do we book our room?

Here is the hotel info (and code):

If you are staying at the event hotel, You'll be booking at the Doubletree by Hilton and the room code for the event is BOO. The rate is starting at $99.00 + tax per night (Universal view is $119.00) for either 2 queen beds or a single king bed. Rates are valid 3 days before the event and 3 days after (while room availability lasts).

Our reservations # is 1-800-327-2110

Here is the online BOOK BASH hotel registration page if you prefer the online process: 

Can I ship my books directly to the event?

Yes but there are very specific rules set by the hotel:

Jill Jackson (our Convention Services manager at the Doubletree) has arranged new shipping terms to better accommodate our needs. They have agreed to accept your shipped parcels (short-term), and have provided us with the shipping address. The current terms are:

- $5 (charged to the author) per parcel received but parcels must NOT exceed 35 lbs (as you recall the original weight limit was 20lbs and $5 extra per lb over - so to avoid extra charge issues please keep parcels at 35lbs or less)

- They request the parcels not get there earlier than 3 days before the event - HOWEVER, when we asked what would happen if the parcels did get there earlier, they told us they would simply store them for us as they have allocated an area within the hotel for the parcels. Again, to avoid issues, please try to have the parcels delivered as close as possible to the event date. 

Authors who ship their books to the hotel will need to request their parcels be delivered to their table so that the hotel is able to collect payment at that time.

Guest Name
Conference Name <--- Book Bash
c/o Jill Jackson
Doubletree Hotel
5780 Major Blvd
Orlando, FL 32819 

Any shipments that can arrive for the event, ON THE DAY of the event (Saturday), can be shipped at any weight you wish, even on a palette as they will be delivered directly by the shipper, to the event room. 

*if you have a special request, need or consideration, please contact us as early as possible so we can try to best accommodate your needs.

I have never attended an author signing. What should I expect?

If you are an indie author, you can bring your own books to sell at your table. The tables will be provided by us, and already covered in special skirting. All you need to do is set your area up the way you'd like to, on Saturday morning before the event opens to the public. Your fans will come to your table and purchase the book directly from you (have you sign it, and perhaps chat and/or request a picture with you). You will set your own pricing and handle your own payments (cash/electronic or otherwise). You can bring an assistant (recommended).

Traditionally published authors: We will have a "bookseller" on site selling your books for you directly. Once the book is purchased, the attendees will bring their books directly to the appropriate author for signing (and pictures etc...)

Some attendees have already purchased the books beforehand and may bring them in for signing, as well.

Can I request to be located near my author friends?

Sure! We will do out best to accommodate table placement as per your requests, however we cannot guarantee exact placement. Table placement can be easier accomodated to those authors that register early.

How do I handle my hotel reservation?

The hotel will be doing it's best to book all authors in a certain "block" of the hotel. Authors will be provided a special room rate/author code to book their room. If you have booked your room under another name, and would like to be in the "author block", please email so we can notify our hotel event manager.

How will book sales be handled?

Books-a-Million (BAM) will be on site, selling books by our traditionally published authors, and our independent authors will be selling their own books directly at their table.